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AUSTRALIA have 276 cities with Moneygram location.

Until 2004, the owners of MoneyGram were Viad Corp and Travelers Express Company Inc. MoneyGram point-of-sale systems are continually upgraded to provide the latest new products and functionality. Sum of the money transfer is paid immediately upon request at any convenient for client currency - cash in U.S. dollars, Euro, local currency, depending on the country of the transfer receiving.

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What are the main benefits of money transfers by MoneyGram? Simple - the money transfer procedure is maximally simplified. What are the main benefits of money transfers by MoneyGram? Cost. Today, it is most advantageous to the customer service of all the similar services. MoneyGram financial results were driven by money transfer business, which delivered more than 40 percent growth in transaction volume. The company installed more than 23,000 new MoneyGram signs around the globe, making it easier for consumers to find MoneyGram agents. Technology continues to play a key role in increasing MoneyGram transaction speed, automating and streamlining processes, and creating new functionality. AgentConnect continues to be an attractive alternative for businesses that choose to integrate their networks and point-of-sale platforms with the MoneyGram wired transfer. The greatest increases in In 2010, MoneyGram announced a donation of U.S. $ 200,000 from the International Red Cross to help the people of Pakistan in fighting with the effects of flooding. Money transfer platform of MoneyGram will be integrated with the mobile platform LinqUs, which will allow customers to make international transfers with a mobile phone.